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                  School Budget Vote 
                       Board of Education Election

                              Tuesday, May 21, 2019 
         All Elementary Schools from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

             Voting Place by Zip Codes:
             Election District No. 1: Coram Elementary School 
            Zip Codes 11763, 11727, 11766 

            Election District No. 2: West Middle Island Elementary School 
           Zip Codes 11953, 11764 

            Election District No. 3: Ridge Elementary School 
           Zip Codes 11961, 11786 

            Election District No. 4: Charles E. Walters Elementary School 
           Zip Codes 11980, 11973, 11967

                         THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2019

                         2019-20 Proposed Budget:
                            Budget Increase: 2.2%
                          Tax Levy Increase: 2.0%
The $255,500,000 proposed budget seeks a 2.0% tax levy increase, one of the lowest increases in the district’s history. The Board of Education and Central Administration have worked to create a fiscally responsible spending plan that offers a balance of a continued commitment to a comprehensive education for our students while maintaining an affordable value for our residents.

Review the budget in the Longwood Life budget

You, the Longwood voter, property taxpayer or renter, are an owner of a $255,500,000 business!
Approximately 67% of the homeowner’s property taxes go directly to our local school district every year so we are invested heavily in this “business.” If you rent, a similar amount of your monthly rent goes toward the landlord’s property taxes. Being an investor in a business of this magnitude is a serious responsibility. You’re pumping quite an amount of money into this business every year so you should be concerned and involved in how your money is being spent and whether the business is being operated efficiently and successfully. That “business” is your Longwood School District.

On this same day, you will be asked to hire (vote for) two candidates to fill the two Board of Education seats that are up for vote this year. The Board of Education is the seven-member Board of Directors to YOUR $255,500,000 business…into which your money goes every year! Being a Board of Education member is an unpaid, voluntary, elected position. It is also a highly important position to the school district and to the residents and taxpayers of the Longwood Community. As with any Board of Directors, the Board of Education is primarily responsible for strategic oversight of the district; assuring the taxpayers (investors) that the school district is achieving it’s responsibilities to them of providing a successful educational experience for our 9200+ public school children in a fiscally prudent manner for our approximate 40,000 taxpaying voters and following all of the NYS educational laws and regulations. As with any large business, the areas that need to be overseen are varied. They include:

·         Policy

·         Board Meetings

·         Budget/Finance/Audit

·         Instruction/Curriculum

·         Personnel

·         Community Relations

·         Labor Relations

·         Student Services

·         Facilities/Food Service/Transportation

·         Legal compliance

It should be apparent by the depth and breadth of the responsibilities listed above that the experience and skill sets required to successfully be a School Board Member are extensive. To find them all in one person for a volunteer position such as a Board of Education member is rare. Therefore, it is imperative for a school board to have a balanced representation of the needed expertise. The importance of diversity—both gender and racial whenever possible--cannot be overstated either. Traditionally, candidates for the Board of Education come from three different worlds of experience that they feel qualifies them for a seat on the Board of Education. Those worlds are: business people, certified educators, and folks that are active in the local  community. Based on the areas of responsibility listed above, the qualified businessperson or business owner has the broadest experience levels needed. From a professional educator perspective, the district already has the Superintendent, four Assistant Superintendents, numerous Directors, seven Principals, eighteen Assistant Principals and over 600 teachers. Our wealth of available educational expertise for the Board to draw from is already massive and beyond reproach. Members of the Board with experience of being active in the community should be representative of the community with a proven track record of serving the community. It is important for the success of the Board and for the continued success of the school district, to maintain a viable balance of those "worlds of experience" to enable the Board to make the most productive decisions. The other primary (and critical) qualifications are for the candidate to be an effective communicator with the ability to listen and the ability to compromise...and always operate in a respectful manner with other board members and the administration.

The role of the Board of Education (BOE) in most of these areas is primarily to approve/reject and monitor. For example: in the area of Instruction/Curriculum, the BOE establishes instruction philosophies, goals, and objectives in line with NYS laws and regulations. Your teachers and administrators do the all the development of the instruction and curriculum. While NYS does provide suggested curriculum templates, local districts can either accept, modify or reject those in full. The BOE then either accepts or rejects the instruction/curriculum that is presented to them by the teachers and administrators. They also review student achievement levels.  While the board of directors is responsible for the fiscal viability and the direction of the school district, it is not responsible for managing or overseeing employees outside of the Superintendent of Schools. However, they do review, along with the BOE outside attorney, that all personnel decisions comply with existing labor agreements. 

Electing (hiring) a Board of Education member for a three-year term is extremely important and should be done with the greatest care. Your school district investment is as important as it is expensive. The Longwood School District has been very successful for some time now. Choose your board of Education leadership wisely and do it based on the qualified experience that you feel the district needs, not on local popularity or social media mob influence.

Here are your 2019 Board of Education Candidates whose terms will run through June of 2022:

For more information on the candidates, click on Candidate Bios
Choose wisely!



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