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The Middle Country Road Task Force is a group of volunteers drawn initially from members of the Coram, Middle Island, Gordon Heights, Ridge and Yaphank civic associations along with members of housing developments and business owners from the Longwood community. Joining in with this group are administrative members of the Longwood School District and many state, county, and town officials as well as the Suffolk County Police Department and representatives from the Coram, Middle Island, Gordon Heights, Yaphank and Ridge fire departments. The goal of the Middle Country Road Task Force is to work diligently and cooperatively toward improving the quality of life of Longwood residents by focusing improvement efforts along the Middle Country Road (MCR) corridor from Coram right through Ridge. Our main group meets approximately once per quarter with subgroups meeting as they are scheduled. As with many civic efforts, the MCRTF was borne from the desires of one concerned resident, grew into a groundswell, and was formally inaugurated in September of 2014 through the efforts of our 4th District Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Connie Kepert and longtime concerned citizen, community leader and Longwood advocate Gail Lynch-Bailey.  

Your Coram Civic Association will make every effort to keep our members and all Coram residents up-to-date on specific projects being implemented through this website as well as our Facebook page. We will be reaching out to the community for not only your input, but your assistance. We are all heavily invested in our communities and all surely seek a constantly improving quality of life. Together, we can achieve that! Comments, questions, observations? Let us know through the Contact Us tab to the left.

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Specific Coram Initiatives:
Coram Plaza Shopping Center
- The Coram Civic Association has  formally adopted this as a priority issue at the 7/29/15 meeting of the MCRTF. We are now in the process of formulating a plan of action and creating subcommittees for implementation. There are a number of specific areas of concern to be addressed:
     1. Homeless camp set up in the state owned wooded areas directly behind the Capital One Bank and the Mobil station on Grant-Smith Road.
     2. The panhandling that occurs in the Home Depot/Stop N Shop center which is causing quality of life issues as well as safety concerns for shoppers. Since this may also culminate in the loss of patrons at the center, our hamlet has to be concerned with the long-term effects such as businesses closings due to loss of sales. If we lose an anchor store, we are back to a vacant center right in the heart of Coram. Been there. Don't want to do that again.
     3. The bus stop located along Mill Road in the western section of the Home Depot parking lot. This bus stop is owned by Suffolk County Transit, a department of our Suffolk County government, and has become an all-day 'social center' for the apparent indigent population of our area with the accompanying collection of old shopping carts and daily litter. This again affects the deserved quality of life levels for the areas taxpayers as well as negatively influences the frequency of shoppers to the center...thus driving down their sales and increasingly the probability of more vacant stores.
     4. The cleanliness and overall maintenance of the shopping center and parking lot along with the green areas on the perimeter. These areas are not maintained at satisfactory levels and, in fact, this lack of attention actually fosters the presence of the indigent and panhandlers in the center.
     5. Food Bank Distribution-while this is an exemplary service by Lighthouse Ministries of Bellport for the island's indigent population, it should be done at local churches and/or Department of Social Services locations...both of which Coram is home to. Using the Stop N Shop/Home Depot parking lot as a weekly distribution center for food, clothing and toiletries (along with spiritual guidance) is inappropriate and is likely a driving force behind the high levels of homeless, panhandlers and otherwise indigent population frequenting that center thus driving away shoppers. DSS is right down the road as is St. Frances Cabrini and New Beginnings. All three have adequate space to accommodate the weekly food bank distribution and, by definition, are better suited to this needed service.

Coram Plaza Shopping Center - Property Owners - (updated 4/26/16)
Corm Plaza Shopping Center - Tenants

Letter to Tenants - 12/7/15

- Coram Plaza Shopping Center (includes Dunkin' Donuts strip center & Capital One Bank building)

Jul 25, 2016: Chris Reilly Update: REVITALIZATION OF THE CORAM PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER In an effort to both clarify the understanding of this effort and to align expectations, be aware that the first meeting of the CORAM PLAZA REVITALIZATION TASK FORCE consisted of the following organizations:
CO-CHAIRS: Suffolk County Legislature: Leg. Sarah Anker (D6) and Leg. Rob Calarco (D7)
 -NYS Governor’s Office
 -NYS Department of Transportation
 -Town of Brookhaven: Councilman Mike Loguercio
 -Suffolk County Police Department – 6th Precinct
 -Coram Civic Association
 -Middle Island Civic Association
 -Home Depot
 -RPAI (Retail Properties of America)-rental agents for Coram Plaza
 -Hope House Ministries
 -New Beginnings Church
 -Suffolk County Department of Social Services
 -Long Island Coalition for the Homeless
 -S:US (Services for the Underserved)
Other organizations and individuals are part of the Task Force and more shall be added to this mix as the needs dictate. Read about the current initiatives being addressed here
Jun 15, 2016: SC Leg. Sarah Anker hosts Coram Plaza revitalization task force
Apr 26, 2016
- Chris Reilly (Letter to property owner Inland Western Coram Plaza Llc)
Apr 26, 2016 - Chris Reilly (Letter to property owner HD Development of Maryland Llc)
Apr 26, 2016 - Chris Reilly (Letter to anchor tenant The Home Depot)
Apr 8, 2016- Chris Reilly (Lighting in parking lot)
Jan 13, 2016- Martin Bailey
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