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Planning and Land Use 

July 20, 2019
Construction has begun!

To review a copy of the Notice of Special Election and the Proposition
click here. 
(For the average assessed home (2,750), the annual tax burden is projected to be $42.80. That’s $3.57 per month or 11.9¢ per day). 



UPDATE 7/20/19: Taco Bell site plans have been filed with Brookhaven
Sep 14, 2018
Future Site of Taco Bell???

Although your Coram Civic was told by the Coram Plaza landlord/owner--RPAI-- in June of this year that Taco Bell had signed a 20-year lease back in 2016 for the old Chemical Bank property--now demolished--Town of Brookhaven has not received any site plans or applications for building permits as of this date.

Aug 28, 2018
NYSDOT cleaning up their land @ Coram Plaza
Thank you to the New York State Department of Transportation for beginning the clean-up of their property at the Coram Plaza Shopping Center! This effort is a critical part of the overall Coram Plaza Revitalization Plan we have been working on for the past two years. Believe it or not, the “No Trespassing” sign is a major element in this day and age as it gives the SCPD the legal “right” to insist that vagrants get off of that property. Now we need to start working on a Town policy against “aggressive panhandling” similar to that of Patchogue and Mineola. 

Starbucks and McDonald's in North Coram - by CVS...

May 29, 2018 Update - Office of TOB Councilperson Jane Bonner...
"I’ve been advised by the attorney for the Starbuck’s application that they will be submitting a site plan modification request to transfer the access roadway that goes through the site from 112 to Pine Rd. to this application. This is because Starbuck’s will be completed first and the roadway work was approved as phase 1 of the McDonald’s plan. I have no further info on the status of the McDonald’s plan. Last we heard it was on hold."
Editor: Simply put, Starbucks is just looking to get the permits for the access road off of Pine that runs behind CVS and the vacant McD's lot and then into Rte. 112 transferred to their building permits. McD's is still on hold. 


DOT Response to request to investigate the
intersection of Rte. 25 and Coram-Mt. Sinai Rd. 
In June of 2017, member Andrew Suderov was able to get the NYS DOT to do a study of the intersection of Middle Country Road and Coram-Mt. Sinai Road. The determination by the NYS DOT was that "...the installation of a left turn arrow or a split-phase operation...would not be appropriate at this time." full response 
September 1, 2017

Middle Country Road-West of Rte. 112

#1 - New site of Flooring & Carpet Design Center.
#2 - Proposed site of All American Assisted Living facility.
        (Under construction)
#3 - Proposed site of Gas Con Car Wash.
#4 - Champion Auto Service - waiting on building permits. Extensive building redesign and beautification of property.
#5 - Friendly's - newly renovated!
Middle Country Road-East of Rte. 112

#6 - Coram Day Care - Brand new facility. An adult day care center for the developmentally disabled adult. No overnight stays (see full description below under November 8, 2016). Under construction; sidewalk replaced on 25!

Route 112-North of Pine Road 
#7 - McDonald's (North)
- brand new facility; under construction.
#8 - Proposed site for Starbucks.


            UPDATE - UPDATE - UPDATE
January 29, 2018

The Coram Day Center is a much needed adult day care center for the developmentally
disabled who, at 21 years old, have “aged out” of the state public school system. Parents
of developmentally disabled children in Suffolk County have few options after that deadline
and the developer, Cary Staller of Staller Associates, himself a parent of a developmentally
disabled child, is focused on providing this alternative. It is located at the NW corner of
Winfield Davis Drive and Middle Country Road alongside and east of the New Beginnings
Christian Center. After four years of approvals and planning, construction for the Coram
Day Center began in the fall of 2016. This will be a non-resident facility meaning there
will be no overnight stays. The expectation is for 25 full time occupants daily with 37 part
time (the 37 part time occupants will participate in daily ‘off site’ occupational therapy
type activities such as participating in ‘Meals On Wheels’ supervised efforts, etc.).
Maximum occupancy is 62. In a phone conversation with Mr. Staller on January 29, your
Coram Civic learned that he is hoping to have construction completed by late spring or
early summer, followed by the opening of the facility. Mr. Staller added that since this
is a “labor of love” for him (see “Meet the Developer” link below), construction has
taken a bit longer than most commercial construction projects.

November 8, 2016
The Coram Day Center is an adult day care center for the developmentally disabled. It will be located at the NW corner of Winfield Davis Drive and Middle Country Road.
After four years of approvals and planning, the Coram Day Center is now under construction. 

                         (Pictures taken on Tuesday, November 8, 2016)

This will be a non-resident facility meaning their will be no overnight stays. The expectation is for 25 full time occupants daily with 37 part time (these 37 folks will participate in daily ‘off site’ occupational therapy type activities such as participating in ‘Meals On Wheels’ supervised efforts, etc.). Maximum occupancy is 62. Completion date - TBD.

Coram Day Center - Summary and Site Plans
Coram Day Center - Meet the Developer: Cary Staller


November 8, 2016
Our brand new McDonald's is really beginning to take shape!

McDonald's in Coram
The long-awaited renovation of our McDonald's on Middle Country Road has begun! Our Mickey D's has been at 313 Middle Country Road for many, many years and is now undergoing a major transformation during which the building will be basically torn down and rebuilt to a different architectural footprint. Along with that, there will be additional side and rear parking and the drive-thru ordering will now have two lanes.
The exterior as well as the interior will be updated and modernized to better serve the Coram community!

Completion date is to be announced.


May 2016 - Wincoram Apartments Ribbon Cutting

Civic president Erma Gluck along with local representatives including NYS Sen John Flanagan, SC Exec Steve Bellone, TOB Sup Ed Romaine and CDC-LI CEO Marianne Garvin due the honors at the official opening ceremony for the Wincoram Apartment complex!

February 2016
Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology has opened its 21st Long Island location in our hamlet of Coram, conveniently located right at the northeast corner of Rtes. 25 and 112. For we old timers, that would be the old Robert Hall building and for you newcomers, that would be the old Auto Barn store.

January 2016
The David Overton Trail 
The David Overton Trail travels through the recently opened Overton Preserve. The David Overton Preserve, which extends through the hamlets of Coram, Gordon Heights, and Medford, is several hundred acres of woodlands, wetlands and meadows. A $140,000 New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation grant was obtained by former TOB Councilwoman Connie Kepert for the design and construction of the David Overton Trail, a multi-use path along the historic roadway that runs through the preserve.

More information on the David Overton Preserve can be found by clicking on Overton Preserve.

Dec 15, 2015 
NYS Assemblyman Steve Englebright announces the securement of $125,000 in capital funding for the interior restoration of the Davis Town Meeting House!
       (Published in the December 2015 Legislative Update from the offices of
                             Assemblyman Steven Englebright)



*General Maximum Family Annual Income Limits are based on (1) 50% of the area median income which will apply to 15 of the units (2) 60% of the area median income will apply to 146 units and (3) 90% of the area median income which will apply to 15 of the units. Additionally, the precise final family maximum income limit will be based on the number of family members in the apartment.
Note 1: Phase 1 is anticipated to be open in April/May 2015. (Has opened!) 
Note 2: Income limits shown are the general maximum total family income allowable under the "Affordable Workforce Housing" regulations.
Note 3: Family size limits will apply to the units. Minimum number of occupants per bedroom is one. Maximum number of occupants per bedroom is two.


Note 4: Ground floor units just along 'Main Street' will be for stores and offices. Note 5: Tenants receiving any form of rental assistance, including HUD Section 8 Voucher  Program, cannot be discriminated against as per Suffolk County legislation; however, background checks and credit requirements must still be met and there are no officially designated HUD Section 8 Voucher apartments. 
Note 6: Complex is served by the Longwood Central School District.
Note 7: All information provided by Conifer Realty of Rochester; developers and owners.  
           >>>Wincoram Commons flyer
                         >>>Information Sheet & Rental Application 
For more information, visit Conifer Realty or call 631-721-4403

New McDonald's coming to Coram...
Public Meeting at the Town Hall in Farmingville regarding the special permit for the drive-thru for the McDonald's-North Coram has been held and the permit approved. The building itself had been previously approved as it met all zoning requirements for that parcel of land.
new McDonald's is planned just north of the CVS at the intersection of 112 & Pine. 
The northernmost boundary is just directly opposite Glenmere Lane.  Below is a small sketch of the site plan:


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